AI Text generation and writing assistance

In this section we list AI tools that can create texts based on keywords, topics or first sentences, or that help with writing texts by checking grammar, spelling and word choice.

In addition, there are also tools that create new names (for babies or for dishes) or non existing words or create the content of entire websites.

This tool creates a text that continues the first given words/phrases. The output of the tool can be used as input to get longer texts. can generated long structured texts / blog posts / Emails etc. based on keywords. A good tool to combat writer’s block.

Essay writing assistant: Presents information about your topic, suggests how to end the sentence, helps to formulate whole paragraphs, checks for grammar and plagiarism.

Generated catchy topics based on keywords related to your future title.

Generates a statement that can be used in an essay. The statement generator takes into account the given topic, main idea and supporting points.

Summarizes the given text to create a conclusion for your paper/essay.

Helps to write content for you blog posts, Google ads, landing pages, emails etc.

This AI tool creates a starter code for your web development project based on your suggested development tools. You can try it for free for 7 days only.

Creates a random story with about 250 words each time you click the „generate“ button. The plot line of the story does not necessarily make sense.

Free Editor to rewrite texts up to 280 characters. The AI returns several alternatives.

Editor with up to 2500 characters for rephrasing a text. One alternative is returned.

A bot powered by the GPT-3 language model that creates quotes. At the time of writing (December 2021), there were 140 quotes, all starting with „Life is like a …“.

Choose song topic, lyrics genre and lyric mood and let the AI generate the lyrics of the chorus and verses.

Automatically pre-generated programming questions, similar to stackoverflow questions. By changing the URL you can access more than 333400 questions, e.g. for the 10th question

Bot powered by the GPT-2 language model that creates Reddit questions. The website presents a selection of 25 questions every day.

Creates 20 new baby names each time you click the „generate“ button. Most of the baby names are new and not in use yet.

The AI generates a new English word and its definition every time the browser is reloaded. Based on a GTP-2 model.

The AI generated snack names to given images. Each time the page is reloaded a new image / name pair will be shown.

Every time the browser is reloaded, new texts are generated for the avocado and toast images.

The AI generates text to an image to form a meme.

Check if a text was generated automatically (by AI) or if it was written by a human.

AI Text understanding

Artificial intelligence also shines in text understanding.

It can translate textes in a very professional way, estimate the toxicity or sentiment of a text or summarize a text.

Translate text or files from one language to another, choosing from 26 languages.

Get a rating for how toxic a text is.

Get a rating wether a text is positive or negative.

Have the AI summarize / shorten a given text.

AI Question and Answer Generation

Artificial intelligence can also generate questions and answers from text or answer your questions about the content of an image.

Upload an image and give a task (or question) to the AI, e.g. „Count the number of dogs in the image“ or „What’s the color of the dress?“.

You can formulate questions about a text of yours. The AI will answer these questions with information from the given text.

Ask a question about an image and have the AI answer it with confident scores.

The AI generates questions about a given text.

The tool generates multiple choice questions from a given text.

AI Bots

There are a variety of AI bots that interact with the website visitors. Here we only list chat bots, that are trained for everyday chats.

Chatbot that was five-time winner of the Loebner Prize (a Turing Test competition).

Chatbot which according to the developers will replicate you / becomes similar to you the more you chat with it.

Smartphone app / bot that lets you learn English by chatting to it.


Here are some more useful AI tools for text that do not fit into any of the above categories.

Detecting textual reuse (and visualize it) in poems or texts by different authors. Project information.

The AI rewrites your text in a selected handwriting.

Discover books by getting quotes that respond to your queries.

Finds supporting or contrasting citations in research articles.

All links (and more) in a list view

Here we present all the above links and many more once again in a list view. The underlined and bold links are new URLs that are not listed above.

AI Text generation and writing assistance
  • (Generate text given the first words)
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  • (generate text based on keywords)
  • (generate essays)
  • (generate essay topics)
  • (thesis statement generator)
  • (create conclusions for your essay)
  • (copywriting tool / writing assistance)
  • (writing assitance)
  • (writing assitance)
  • (writing assitance)
  • (writing assitance)
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  • (writing assitance)
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  • (writing assitance)
  • (improve writing)
  • (grammar checker)
  • (Generate starter-code for web development projects)
  • (random story generator)
  • (random text generator)
  • (rephrase text up to 280 characters)
  • (rephrase text up to 2500 characters)
  • (rephrase text)
  • (rephrase text)
  • (rephrase text)
  • (generate quotes)
  • (generate quotes)
  • (generate lyrics for a song)
  • (stackoverflow questions that don’t exist)
  • (reddit questions that dont‘ exist)
  • (baby name generator)
  • (generates words that don’t exist)
  • (generates names of dishes)
  • (generates text for a pre-drawn comic)
  • (generates meme text for an image)
  • (test if text was generated by AI or not)
AI text understanding
  • (translator)
  • (translator)
  • (find toxicity in texts)
  • (sentiment analysis (positive or negative) in texts)
  • (summarize text)
  • (feedback on your essay)
  • (feedback on your essay)
  • (feedback on your essay)
  • (feedback on your essay)
  • (finds related text / paragraphs online and rephrases it)
AI Question and Answer Generation
  • (set a task to an image)
  • (reading comprehension)
  • (ask a question about an image)
  • (create questions about a given text)
  • (multiple choice question generator)
AI Bots
  • (chatbot)
  • (chatbot)
  • (chatbot)
  • (chatbot)
  • (chatbot)
  • (chatbot Rose)
  • (bot to learn english)
  • (test if opponent is a bot or not)
  • (compares textual reuse in poems etc.)
  • (handwrites a text)
  • (get quotes from books to your query)
  • (find supporting or contrasting citations in research articles)

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