AI face generator, AI picture generator

Most of the following AI online tools use a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) to create realistic images. Many of them have pre-generated the images. Each time the browser reloads, a new image is displayed.

For an overview of many AI-generating websites, see thisxdoesnotexist or paulbricman.

We have listed several free face generator and AI image generator in the following.

Create new faces matching your input parameters (e.g. sex, age, skin tone, hair color, glasses, …)

create many (only 4 examples shown here) similar looking photos of your face. Could e.g. be used to anonymize your identity on social networks.


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Video laden

Create a personalized video with Christmas greetings. You can choose a video background and customize the text.

View an AI generated face in your browser, each time the browser is reloaded.

View an AI generated portrait of a member of parliament.

Upload a portrait image and change the fatial features with sliders, e.g. close the eyes a little, open the mouth a little, add earrings, etc.

Upload two portrait images and merge them into one. There are sliders that let you determine which face and style you want the output to resemble more.

View an AI generated eye in your browser.

Compare photos of faces. Do they show the same person?

View AI generated horse images of size 256 x 256 pixels.

View AI generated horse images of size 512 x 512 pixels.

View AI generated dog images of size 64 x 64 pixels.

View AI generated pizza images of size 256 x 256 pixels.

View AI generated automobile images of size 512 x 512 pixels.

View AI generated sneaker images of size 512 x 384 pixels.

View AI generated fursona images of size 1024 x 1024 pixels.

View AI generated pony images of size 1024 x 1024 pixels.

View AI generated anime images of size 512 x 512pixels. When clicking on an image, you can see different variants of the anime.

View AI generated chair images. Images can be saved in stl format (used for describing 3D objects).

View AI generated map images of size 256 x 256 pixels.

View AI generated arial city images of size 1024 x 1024 pixels.

View AI generated night sky images (1024 x 1024 pixels).

View AI generated beach images (1280 × 768 px).

View AI generated chemicals. Can be saved as .pdb files.

View AI generated images and listed to AI generated music (by OpenAI’s Jukebox).

View AI generated rental websites. AI generated images and text.

View AI generated startup landing pages.

View AI generated vessel images (512 x 512 px).

Sketch a handbag. Have the AI generate an image of a realistic-looking handbag from it that matches your sketch. You can also find online demos for cats, house facades and shoes on the website.

Create a real looking quality face from an artistic portrait (above image) or from an old photograph.

AI text / sketch recognition

Artificial intelligence also shines when it comes to recognizing handwritten or hand-drawn input.

The recognition of printed text or the understanding of documents is also a field where AI has become excellent.

There are some cool AI Online tools you can use to see for yourself how powerful AI can be.

Transform your handwritten formula into LaTeX / MathML strings.

Transform your handwritten text into a computer string.

Get the names of fonts looking similar as the font on the input image.

As you sketch something, you get proposals for professional drawings matching your sketch. More information.
You are asked to draw something. The AI tries to guess what you are drawing. More information.

Convert the sketch of your diagram into powerpoint text and shapes.

The AI will finish your drawings of an object, every time you lift your pen up.

While you draw the selected category, the AI suggests strokes to continue your sketch. More information.
The AI will generate new strokes based on your handwriting input. More information.

Use OCR (optical character recognition) powered by AI to recognize a text. Demo works with English, Chinese and Russian textes.

Extract the information from various documents (ID card, invoices, etc.).

Find the latex commands that are similar to your handwritten (math) symbol.

Find the unicode characters that are similar to your handwritten symbol.

Classical MNIST Digit recognition of your hand drawn digits.

Image classifier, object detection, image recognition

Retrieving information from images, such as detecting objects and faces, estimating the age or other characteristics of people, estimating the pose of people are all areas where AI can be used with great success.

Identify the main concepts from any given image (and the probability how confident the AI algorithm is).

For any given car image get the information about brand and generation.

Find brand logos in any image and classify them.

The AI algorithm returns information about a face image, like gender, age, ethnicity, etc.

Finds the visible ingredients of a given meal image.

Returns Not-Suitable-For-Work categories (and the probabilities how confident the algorithm is).

Finds objects in the image, draws a bounding box around it and classifies it.

Specialized algorithm to detect faces in an image. Works also for crowds.

Finds and classifies clothes in an image.

Recognize the poses of each person in the image.

Predict the depth value of each pixel, given only a single image.

Have the AI create you a caption for your image, describing the main content of your image.

Have the AI create a summary of the situation in the image, including the main activity and the actors involved.

Identify plants in a picture. Get the most similar plants as output.

AI art generator (with images)

Artificial intelligence can also be used in the field of art, sometimes with truly amazing results. It can create artworks according to certain predefined characteristics or transform existing images into art-like images.

Here are some of the free AI art generator and AI art tools you can use right away.

The AI creates an image resembling your input words. Since it takes a while to create the image, the result is sent to you by email.

Depending on the degree of different features (like „modern“, „castle“, „towers“ etc.) an image of a building is created. You can also create landscapes on the website.

Given any input image and any style image, the AI regenerates the input image in the specified style.

The AI amplifies the patterns in an image according to the selected style.

Convert your photo into a sketch.

Turn your photo into a cartoon drawing.

Each time you reload your browser, you will be shown a new pre-generated artwork image.

Convert your uploaded image into ASCII art.

Enhance and modify images

Of course AI also is used to improve image quality, upscale image and edit images, like removing unwanted objects or background in an image.

Remove scratches, fold lines and stains from your photos.

Automatically colorize your black and white photo.

Colorize your black and white sketch.

Automatically remove the background of an image.

Mark objects in an image. They are removed / inpainted so that the resulting image looks plausible.

Automatically detects license plates in the image. Either creates new license plates (in above image) or blurs the license plates.

Upscale small images by factor 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, up to 64 megapixels.

Upscale images by factor 4x. 10 images free per month.

Enhance the quality of an image with jpeg artifacts.

Sharpen blurry images.

Misc image related AI demos

Some nice AI experiments which did not fit into any of the above categories.

Interact with the video to learn something new. You’re asked to do sth. during the video. The AI checks if you’ve done it correctly.

The AI helps you to find color palettes that look good.

Create new font combinations. You can even lock a font and see what other fonts go well with it. More information.
Using AI, 750 fonts were clustered and mapped in 2D space. Fonts that are more similar are closer together. More information. Medium article.
Using AI old images were grouped based on their similarity. This was done for multiple image datasets.

All links (and more) in a list view

Here we present all the above links and many more once again in a list view. The underlined and bold links are new URLs that are not listed above.

AI face generator and face modifier
Anonymize Faces
Compare Faces
AI image generator (animals and objects)
AI handwriting recognition
AI handwriting generation
AI sketch recognition and sketch assitant

AI find the font

AI handwritten digit recongition (MNIST)

Latex / unicode recognition
OCR Text Recognition from an image
Image classifier, object detection, image recognition
AI NSFW (Not suitable for work)
AI Brand Logo detection
AI Art generator
AI Style Transfer
AI Text to Image
Mix two plants together
AI generated deep dream
AI Enhance and modify images
AI restore photo
AI colorize picture
AI remove background
AI image inpainting / remove objects
AI upscale images
AI sharpen images
Anonymize Car License Plates
Misc AI related image online demos

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